Common Health Concerns in Seniors That Need a Serious Attention

Common Health Concerns in Seniors That Need a Serious Attention

Balance disorders

Most elderly people have impaired motor coordination and problems associated with vertigo. According to statistics, every year more than a third of elderly people aged 65 years old lose their balance and fall.

Memory problems

The causes of this condition in people of old age can be a lack of water in the body, malnutrition, sleep problems, as well as other diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. Nonetheless, it is important to seek medical attention on time.

Lack of exercise

Exercise is key for better health in old age. They are a means of preventing many age-related health problems. Physical culture has a positive effect on human psychology and a positive effect on the brain. Also, exercises help increase the endurance of your body.

Sleep issues

In elderly people, sleep patterns may be disrupted for quite a few reasons. Among the most common is the need to frequently urinate during the night time.

Tips for seniors to ensure a good night’s sleep:

Sleep in a well-ventilated area & in a calm atmosphere.

Stick to a certain mode of sleep and wakefulness, if you are tired, it is worth to rest a little and listen to yourself.

Do not watch television at least an hour before bedtime.

Also, regularly check with an ophthalmologist. This is especially true if symptoms such as defocusing of nearby objects appear. Visit the oculist at least once every six months.  We must remember that it is never too late to think about a healthy lifestyle and eliminate the most harmful habits. This will significantly reduce the possibility of premature death (up to 50%) and improve the quality of life in general. According to studies, older people who regularly engage in physical exercises are able to make significant improvements in terms of their health. An unhealthy lifestyle most often leads to diseases such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, stroke, type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, and breast cancer.

Medicare for Senior Citizens:

Elderly who’re 65 and above automatically become eligible for Medicare in the United States. But, Medicare only covers a certain percentage of amount when it comes to your healthcare needs. So as to cover the entire costs, Medicare supplement plans become essential like the ones listed here As of now, you can find ten types of supplemental coverages for the elderly offered by private insurance carriers in the United States.