Medicare Covers Diabetic Supplies, is that possible?

 Certain diabetic supplies include lancets and self-testing equipment that are Medicare covered. Though there a few limits to that coverage, if you live with diabetes, you may talk to your health care provider or doctor to find the testing and supplies and how frequently it is required.

Part B Medicare Covers Diabetes Supplies

The diabetes supplies and equipment are covered by Part B Medicare (medical insurance) and this includes the following:

  • Testing monitors of blood sugar
  • Lancets and lancet devices
  • Test strips of glucose or blood sugar
  • Glucose control solutions
  • Insulin pumps
  • Therapeutic inserts or shoes

Part B Medicare also offers coverage to people with diabetes for some services:

  • Self management Training in diabetes
  • Eye exams annually
  • Glaucoma test
  • Foot exams
  • Nutrition therapy services

Part B Medicare does not cover insulin unless it is an insulin pump. Part B Medicare also does not cover medical supplies that are used to administer syringes, needles, alcohol swabs, insulin pens, or inhaled insulin devices. Medicare advantage plans do not cover the drugs that are anti-diabetic used for blood sugar maintenance.

Part D Medicare prescription drug plan provides coverage for other medications and insulin.

How to get Under Medicare your Diabetes Supplies

For self-testing diabetic supplies and equipment, you may get a prescription to cover the Medicare from your doctor. The prescription should particularly indicate:

  • You are diabetic
  • The medical equipment you require and why you require it
  • If you are an insulin user
  • How many lancets and test strips is required per month
  • How much or the frequency of blood sugar you must take

You can place an order or pick up the supplies at a pharmacy Medicare enrolled, or get it delivered to your home through a mail-order national contract supplier.

What will Medicare Pay?

Get your diabetic supplies from a supplier or a pharmacy that is participating and is Medicare enrolled. If not, Medicare advantage plans of insurance will not pay and you will have to pay the entire bill. In case your suppliers and doctors participate and are Medicare enrolled, while the supplies are regarded essential medically, Medicare advantage plans cover 80% of the approved amount and remaining 20% will be paid by you.

Medicare will pay in different ways for the durable equipments, based on the equipment type. There are limits on how often or how much you can get the supplies and whether your must or not rent or buy them.