Recreation Activities for Seniors That are Diagnosed With Dementia

Seniors that suffer from Dementia need various recreation activities, leisure and exercise.  But being active does not guarantee that will alleviate symptoms and slow down the progression of this serious disease, However, it can significantly help to reduce the level of depression. Moreover, it can increase the overall quality of life of seniors suffering from Dementia. Here are a few ideas about certain activities that can correlate with the their abilities and interests.

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Art Activities
Many seniors can find the concepts of drawing and painting as relaxing opportunities. It does not matter if they did not had any previous experience, the activity is designed to engage the seniors into being active and creative which can have a galvanizing effect on their health.

Garden Activities
Gardening can be a great option to get some physical activity during the day. It has various therapeutic and cognitive benefits. Moreover, by growing healthy plants and flowers can create a good challenge for the seniors. Also, gardening can give good sense of pride, accomplishments and positive spirits. Additionally, the seniors can spend time with their family and friends while enjoying the relaxing environment of their garden.

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Join a Community Living Group
Most of the cities and towns across North America have the so-called societies for active living. These organizations provide various recreation and leisure activities which can satisfy the needs of seniors with mild dementia. Also, they can provide an option for socialization and meeting new friends. The community living societies offers many ways to modify the activities into something they can enjoy today, that is within their physical and mental capabilities.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Choosing an interesting puzzle, such as one with 50 large components, exercises a senior’s brain, help in hand-eye coordination and initiates a sense of satisfaction when the puzzle is done. If a puzzle is too easy, they can move to others that can be more challenging and more complex thus enabling their brains to be active for a prolonged period.

Having dementia can be hard for the elderly population. That is why, through the concept of recreation and leisure, therapist and program planners can create various activities that will enable the seniors to be active.