Tips for Preventing Diabetes

With the number of elderly population on a constant growth, many of the seniors are facing several health challenges. One significant issue that is common in North America is the diabetes. On that note, it is important to emphasize that nearly half of the American senior citizens are facing the risk of a potential development of type diabetes.
The prognosis are that these numbers will continue to increase. That is why, it is imperative that some preventive steps are taken which will limit the diabetes in this population. In this article we will analyze a few basic steps for preventing the development of diabetes.

The first notable advice that every senior should aim for is to lose the extra weight. With every single pound that is lost, the seniors are actually improving their health. According to the studies from the American Diabetes Association, seniors that lost around 7 % of their weight, were able to reduce the chances of the development of diabetes by stunning 60 percent.

The second notable tip is to become more involved with physical activities.
On that note it is important to emphasize that there are a broad spectrum of benefits for having regular physical activity. Regular exercise can be really helpful in lowering the blood sugar and weight loss. As people age, the face the harsh reality that their joints have limited ability for workouts. However, for those seniors that have the ability to exercise it is advised to engage in some sort of fitness program. Through the various exercise programs, seniors can prevent the occurrence of the diabetes.  Also many elderly people like the concept of having daily walks. These walks can also be a healthy exercise option that can help in reducing the potential for weight problems and diabetes.


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The third important element that can offer several benefits is to eat healthy foods. Consuming quality and healthy foods can have a significant impact on the overall weight of the seniors. Having a good and healthy diet can help with the management of the body weight, cholesterol and blood pressure. By reducing portions and eating vegetables and fruits the seniors can reduce the risk for developing diabetes.

The process of Preventing and controlling the diabetes in seniors is very much achievable when proper prevention steps are taken. Medical experts, families and caregivers can have a significant role by making sure that the seniors are making the proper lifestyle decisions. Moreover by helping the seniors to find the proper diets, exercise programs can only be beneficial, since it will give them the proper directions in the process of prevention of the diabetes. By preventing this problem, our society can allocate those funds for improving the other aspects of the life of the seniors.