Retirement is not a destination, rather it is a long journey to satisfaction and fulfillment. To become a “successful retiree” in the future, you must plan your retirement in the best possible way now. Most of us focus on the financial aspect when planning out our retirement lives, but a satisfying retirement is much more than money. It’s about having a worthwhile time by yourself or with your loved ones.

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You must plan both sides of the retirement equation to save yourself from a “boring” retirement journey once your primary career comes to an end. I truly believe there are certain traits and decisions which when planned out and executed in a seamless manner, can lead to a meaningful and satisfying retirement journey in the future.

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  1. Have a strong belief that retirement can be the best phase in your life

Every phase of our life holds something for us, be it happiness, sadness or disappointments. These experiences shape our lives in a unique manner, making each one of us hold a different perspective to life. Having a strong sense of belief that retirement will be the perfect stage in your life to dive deep into your inner self, explore and focus on what makes you satisfied and happy, will not only make you look forward to the retirement period, but also make you take the necessary steps to ensure that the journey will be a successful one.

  1. Think conservatively while making financial decisions

Spend money wisely now to enjoy a retirement journey free of financial stress. Once you leave your work life behind, the preparation steps you took during that period of your life will act as a signal to whether your retirement journey will be stress free or not. Save your income smartly by downsizing your lifestyle and investing a large portion of your income in index funds. Frugal living will encourage you to brush off the idea that retirement happens in your 60s, rather it can help you retire early and enjoy life from a young age.

  1. Maintain focus on the non-financial side of the retirement equation

Even if you have sorted out the financial aspect of your life in the right manner, you may still feel lost and disoriented once your primary career comes to an end. To overcome this feeling of despair, it is crucial to adopt a different mindset and discover new and different ways to invest your time during the retirement period. This requires a great deal of imagination and experimentation.